DENT Media: Graphic Design Teaching
Summer 2019

Dent Education’s misson is to promote equity by empowering under-resourced youth to discover and develop their innate creative potential to shape the world around them.

It’s a non-profit based in Baltimore that carries out this mission through skill building programs during the school year and summer. 

For Summer 2019 I was hired as founding coach to write and scaffold curriculm for Dent Media, a five week program that would teach digital literacy and the iterative process of design while building skills in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. 

Amazing co-coach, educator & facilitator Nick Sailor 

Five of DENT Media’s 16 students

Landis Wilson at the DENT final showcase showing off designs

Entire DENT team from other sites

All students consented to being photographed 
Photographs taken at DENT Showcase by Lance McCoy of Blive Photography